Thursday, June 5, 2008

Roller Derby

Gonna tell you a story that you won't believe
But I fell in love last Friday evenin'
With a girl I saw on a barroom T.V. screen
Well I was just gettin' ready to get my hat
When she caught my eye and I put it back
And I ordered myself a couple o' more shots and beers

The night that
I fell in love with a Roller Derby Queen
Round and round, oh round and round
The meanest hunk o' woman that anybody ever seen
Down in the arena

She was five foot six and two fifteen
A bleached-blonde mama with a streak of mean
She knew how to knuckle and she knew how to scuffle and fight
And the roller derby program said
That she was built like a 'frigerator with a head
Her fans call her "Tuffy" but all her buddies called her "Spike"
Well I could not help it but to fall in love
With this heavy-duty woman I been speakin' of

lyrics by Jim Croce


The Peach Tree said...

OH, these words took me back :) Fantastic pictures!!

brightonEarly said...

oh. Roller derby. Sometimes I wish I were that cool..then I realize that I'm a wimp and would probably die.